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Personal Injury/Auto Accidents
Whether you are injured in a car accident or a fall down we are here to help you obtain comprehensive and expert medical treatment and attention, as well as to optimize the level of compensation you receive as a result of your unfortunate injury.  
Law Office of W. Martyn Philpot, Jr., LLC - Services
At Law Office of W. Martyn Philpot, Jr., LLC, we take care to provide our clients with high quality  and attentive legal services crafted to satisfy their unique needs.  The members of our staff are, above all, professional, courteous and highly skilled to meet our clients' expectations.
Employment/Discrimination and Civil Rights
We are very experienced in all matters which may arise in your daily life or workplace, such as a hostile work environment, disparate treatment, harassment, retaliation, false arrest and/or excessive force.  We, as a firm, have committed ourselves to bringing to justice all of those who would choose, by conduct, policy or custom, to victimize employees or members of the public.  We also deeply believe in the principles of equality and due process as established in our country's  and state's Constitution and are prepared to protect these ideals whenever they are violated. 

Areas of Expertise
The above-stated services are just a sample of the assistance we can provide to you.  With over 30 years of experience is many areas of the law, we consider ourselves family lawyers and can assist you whether in the area of family law, criminal law, workers' compensation, medical malpractice, landlord/tenant matters, education law, probate matters, real estate matters, contracts, commercial transactions, litigation, administrative and/or civil appeals to either the Federal and State's highest courts.